Lentini Design & Marketing, Inc. is a woman-owned, 22 year strong, design and marketing firm. We work with high-potential clients to align their branding and marketing, expand their influence, and increase their capacity and outreach to new audiences. We have won over 100 national design awards.

We are an outsourced Marketing and Branding firm for emerging mid-range businesses, government sector, non-profit and B2B clients who have acknowledged that their current materials no longer work for them or are too limiting. By providing our clients with strategically strong marketing materials, we energize their team members with tools that allow them to succeed. Our clients broaden their outreach, their market and open new doors of opportunity.

Lentini Design & Marketing’s areas of expertise include:

1. clear, concise and compelling branding
2. memorable marketing
3. bold, creative problem solving for targeted growth and sustained success
4. on-point creative execution designed to reach relevant audiences
5. expert, responsive client expectations management

Lentini Design & Marketing has graphic designers, web developers, writers, and editors on staff, and we utilize their talents expertly. We embrace the latest and the new, while integrating those with classic techniques that we know always deliver.