Our Team

Our Team



    • Leanna Hanson
      Lead Print and Website Designer
      Leanna is a graduate of New England Conservatory in Boston where she received her Master’s Degree in Violin Performance in 1992. She later attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Now with 14 years of experience, Leanna’s clean, fresh, disciplined yet lively design style is very much sought after and appreciated. She has worked with Caruso Affiliated, CBS Paramount TV, The Doors: 40th Anniversary Book, DJM Capital Partners, FedEx: United Way Fundraising Campaign, Kathy Ireland Home by Alta, Scholastic Books and Sony Pictures. Leanna has been with Lentini Design & Marketing since 2008, using her design talents primarily on print design and web user interface design. She especially enjoys being part of this dynamic team.


    • Allisa-Gouviea-150x150Alissa Gouveia
      Associate Account Executive & Content Creator
      Alissa received her BA in Psychology from the University of Arizona in 2018. While studying abroad in a business program in Barcelona, Alissa was enrolled in several Psychology of Marketing courses and quickly found her niche in the world of marketing, content creation and social media. Her love for writing and keeping up with the latest trends is reflected in her work with our clients, approaching each project with a fresh perspective and great enthusiasm. Alissa’s role at LDM as a Content Creator+ includes social media content creation and cohesion, website development and ongoing website maintenance for multiple clients.


    • Keith Hollingshead
      Software Engineer
      Keith has decades of experience as a professional software developer, and has worked on every platform, framework, and technology since the 90s. He holds a BSCS from University of Arkansas. To him, one of the most important lessons learned from a lot of experience is what NOT to do, and how to set a project up for long term success. Keith has built and maintained many websites and applications from scratch and is fluent in systems like WordPress, Drupal, jQuery, and others. Selecting the right tool for the challenge at hand, Keith’s expertise means the client and LDM’s editorial/design team can concentrate on the real goal: the content and the message. Keith is an expert in programming languages including CSS, HTML, Javascript, JSON, XML, PHP, C#, SQL, and has designed, built, and maintained websites and back-end systems serving 15+ million searchable documents, and terabyte sized databases. He’s also an expert in eCommerce systems, security, and backup and recovery.


    • AJ Lentini
      Copywriter and Social Media Strategist
      AJ is our social media strategist and head barista. He’s spent a nifty 26 years as a comedy writer, performer, and radio talking head. If you look back far enough you’ll find his standup appearances on MTV, Showtime, Fox, and Oprah. There’s also a degree in Communication and Fine Arts that he’s not ashamed of. And yes, he’s aware he just ended a sentence with a preposition. He also tends to refer to himself in the third person. Finally, since it’s wrong to pad one’s resume…the end.


  • Judi Wheeler
    Judi has over ten years of experience in the bookkeeping profession. She has a mixture of clientele in the greater Los Angeles area, from residential and commercial real estate, interior design, public relations and consumer market research to family and marriage therapist practices. Judi possesses a positive can-do attitude and she’s passionate about her work at Lentini Design & Marketing. She loves to find any missing puzzle pieces in the books to make sure the books are accurate and up-to-date; and is known and highly respected for her exceptional honesty.