ADA Compliance is Necessary for Your Website

Let’s talk about accessibility and your website. Specifically, the kind of accessibility that keeps you ADA compliant. Without ADA compliance, you run the risk of getting sued by a site user. Here’s a story about a colleague who paid a high price for not being ADA-compliant on her website.

Recently, I attended an industry event and chatted with a friend who owns a wonderful Mexican restaurant here in Los Angeles. She shared a truly frightening tale with me. She was sued by a visitor of her website for it not being accessible (not being compliant) with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Her small restaurant has a simple website, and she never anticipated being the target of a predatory lawsuit. Adding to the stress was that she now had the expense of attorney’s fees to defend herself. In the end, it cost her over $10,000 to hire an attorney and settle the lawsuit.

We at LDM have been building accessibility into every website we create lately. But for anyone with an older website, or one LDM didn’t create, please consider updating your site asap. And please consider having us perform it, as we are expert at:

  • Assessing your current level of compliance with accessibility.
  • Taking immediate action in remediating your ADA compliance issues by using a high-level web accessibility solution.

Here’s some information on ADA regulation:

Since 1996, the Department of Justice has consistently taken the position that the ADA applies to web content:

Here’s an Example of ADA-Compliance in Action

Below is a picture of one of the types of dynamic ADA compliance plugins we use for WordPress sites we develop and/or proactively maintain. See the white arrow pointing to the icon. When the user clicks the icon, they then see the full accessibility menu of options.

How We Can Help

We can update your site with an accessibility compliance plugin or module, fully test it and then take it live on your website.