With digital marketing, even the smallest things make an impact. It’s important to build a strategy that clearly defines your brand.

Follow the 5 components of a successful digital marketing strategy:


Target your audience(s)

You need to know who you’re marketing to, where to reach them, and what resonates to them. And you likely have more than one audience.

The more clarity you get regarding your audience, the stronger your messaging will be. Do your research!


Craft your messaging

If you have multiple audiences, you will likely craft slightly different versions of your message for each. After crafting your messaging, do some mini focus-group testing with it: reach out to some trusted colleagues or friends who are in your audience demographics, and test out your messaging. Adjust based on their feedback.


Pay for targeted presence

Paid ads are a simple and effective way to gain visibility. Paid ads can be in social channels (organic and paid), web banners, online publications, email sponsorships, Google Ads, influencers; you name it, you can advertise it in. Be sure to check the stats on the platforms first, if they’re not hitting your target audience(s), you’re wasting your spend. When done right, though, paid ads can have an incredibly high ROI (almost 200%).


Create email campaigns

Email campaigns to your existing databases are a free way to reach those who have already shown interest in your products or services — they signed up to receive your emails, after all! Keep your subject lines short and sweet, and mention tangible benefits. Also, keep your emails short, with teaser stories and offers that lead to your website to read more. Sending your email readers to your website is always your #1 goal!


Be social

Strong social media presence is another free way to spread your message to a large audience. Post engaging content that can generate interest from your followers and can be shared by them. When they share, your posts will also be seen by those who don’t follow you…yet! Hot tip: follow your competitors to stay in the know on what they’re up to. Lastly, be consistent with your content, post weekly, post images and video (if possible), and ask for feedback, too. Keep the convo going!

Creating a successful strategy takes research, talent, and creativity. If you need help, bring in an outside marketing firm like LDM to help.