Be consistent

Develop a logo, a mission, an elevator pitch, and a branding style, and stick with it all!

Consistency is key in brand recognition.


Craft a compelling tagline and make it visible

A tagline communicates the most important message about your brand. You can put it on your website or underneath your logo. Use to-the-point language to develop a catchy and memorable tagline (also known as a postioning line), and make sure you have a clear picture of your audience as go!


Create and use vivid imagery

Images are very important in branding. You can use pictures and illustrations on your website and in printed or social media ads. Make sure your imagery fits your brand and your brand style, and is memorable! Your audience will recognize your brand with consistent visuals.


Highlight your brand name

Your brand name is familiar to your audience, so use it! Make sure your brand name is in all of your advertisement materials, your website, your email signature, etc. People should read or hear your brand name regularly.


Strategically utilize your logo

Your logo is the most important thing in your branding toolkit. Your logo needs to stand out — it should be something people understand without any context. Use it everywhere, on everything, and even as a favicon for your website! Make sure the colors you use for your logo are consistent and match your brand’s overall style.

Better branding can help you reach new clients/customers and connect with existing ones. Need help? Reach out to our LDM team!