Social media marketing is an essential and effective way to build your brand. Here are five common mistakes you don’t want to make.


No call-to-action

You’re sharing helpful insight; adding a Call-to-Action (CTA) prompts your followers to actively participate and engage with your posts by commenting, sharing, or reaching out directly to your business! By not including a CTA, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with current and future clients.


not identifying your target audience

Identifying a target audience ensures that you’re posting what’s relevant to your followers. We can help you zero-in and hit that target!


Not tailoring content to the platform

It’s important for your brand to have a consistent tone across all of your socials, but it’s also important to adjust social posts to fit each platform. Different social media platforms have different favored content styles. Tailoring content will ensure that your posts are compatible with each platform. (Read our post about this topic.)


Not tracking your analytics

Similar to identifying your target audience, tracking analytics can save time and ensure effectiveness. Tracking your analytics will tell you which posts are the most successful, how many site visitors read each post, how many shared posts, and which ones were shared. In general, the more of all of these a post garners, the more successful it is.


inconsistent posting

Your brand will be more recognizable to your audiences when you post regularly. Leaving too much time between posts can damage the relationship you want with your audience and potential followers.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that can help or hurt your brand. Need some help? Let our team of experienced marketers at LDM help!