At Lentini Design & Marketing, we take women in business very seriously. So, we were particularly pleased when the premier organization that represents over 9 million U.S. women-owned businesses, the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), chose our concept and logo design for next year’s National Women’s Business Conference.


We encourage you to learn more about this great resource for women business owners. Visit NAWBO online at


Join us in welcoming our new Account Executive, Allie Cormier

allie-cormier-headshotAllie received her BA in Communication from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School in 2007. While at USC, Allie explored various art forms before finding her passion in design and illustration. She worked for Lentini Design & Marketing as a graphic designer from 2011 – 2013, then took a 2 year stint in the financial sector as Marketing Coordinator for an investment management firm. Read More

Marketing Basics Series

Appearance Matters

When you go to a job interview, you dress the part. When you meet a potential client or customer, you put some thought into your wardrobe so that your appearance is how they expect to see an expert in your particular field to be dressed. For some that means it’s business casual; on Wall Street it’s a suit; and it’s a hoodie in Silicon Valley. Making sure that how you present yourself is familiar and/or expected for your ideal clients is an obvious choice. It reassures them that they’re making the right decision in choosing to do business with you. Read More

Marketing Basics Series

Do you have an Elevator Pitch?

One of the basics of marketing your company/the company you work for is having an Elevator Pitch.

Not sure what that is? It’s a few sentences about what you do, whom you do it for, and how you are particularly fantastic at it. It’s as if you got onto an elevator with someone, struck up a conversation, and they asked you what you do/what your company does. You need to get it all across by the time the elevator doors open back up again.

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Marketing Basics Series

No Brand Voice?

You know it when you see it. Mismatched marketing materials. Either from a vendor trying to get you as a customer, or (worse!) your own company. Nothing matches — each department does their own thing with the logo, the colors, even the call-to-action, and none of the sales or marketing materials match each other or even look like they are from the same entity. Read More

Join us in welcoming our new Account Executive, Sean Mullowney

sean_mullowney3Along with his creativity and keen attention to detail, Sean Mullowney brings years of proven communications and marketing experience to Lentini Design & Marketing, Inc. Prior to joining the team, he led an in-house communications department supporting the development, public policy, and health education initiatives of an Orange County based nonprofit.  It is this experience that allows him to best serve our clients in driving their internal and external broader marketing goals. Read More