Emails Are Still A Valuable Marketing Tool

by Michelle McAllister

Social media is the king of marketing, and print will always have its presence, however, when you’re looking to maximize your marketing dollars, don’t forget about email. 80% of marketers still report email as the strongest performing media buy. It’s also the tried and true method to retain repeat customers.

Here are some tips to make sure your email campaigns stand out:

1. The Best Email Software
The majority of time spent online is via mobile devices, and over 50% of emails are opened on mobile platforms. To keep yourself competitive, it’s important to have email marketing software that is optimized for mobile consumers.

2. Cut To The Chase
Your audience has a short attention span— 51 seconds to be exact. If your content can’t be shortened, use the email as a teaser to your site or online article. It’s always better to offer a taste and leave them wanting more (and clicking over to your website) than ignoring half of your content.

3. Get Personal
Consider personalizing the greeting by including your client’s name in the subject line. Most email marketing software programs have this feature available. Capitalize on it if you have that information in your list database. Best practices note: If you decide to employ this tactic, make sure you either exclude any subscribers that do not have a first name value in your list or have a “fallback” term such as “friend” (as in “Dear friend,”).

4. Be Authentic
When crafting your messaging, make sure to keep it authentic to your brand but also offer something specific for your audience. This includes both your content and your imagery! Even small touches of your brand will go a long way. Generic emails fill inboxes, but they don’t perform as well, and this weakens your brand image to your demographic. Give your email personality!

5. Be Valuable
Content is everything and while you’re staying on brand, make sure your message also adds some value to your audience. Remember, quality over quantity is the best practice for long-term audience/customer retention. Don’t miss your chance to reaffirm your expertise and authority in your market.

If you use the above tactics, you’ll create a strong and unique email marketing campaign. Still have questions? Need visuals to back up your amazing content? We’re here to help!