What to Know About Social Media

Social media is a valuable marketing tool, but to reach its full potential it must be used correctly. One thing we know for sure is that you have to keep pace with changes to the platforms. For example, the days of simply posting content for free and receiving high engagement are numbered. Feed algorithms on all major platforms have either recently or are working on a more transparent approach for their users. This means most professionally branded content will need to be paid or “sponsored.” In addition, sponsored content will be allocated differently than before in any given user’s feed. To position your brand and to optimize your efforts in the space, we have the biggest trends to be aware of for social media in 2018.

Video Content is Still Strong

Video is still the preferred content type for engagement. While Instagram is seeing an uptick in boosted posts, you can still use the Stories feature to reach new audiences. Bonus — it’s still free! The best part of this, you can add in links on your posts for this Instagram feature. For a platform that is usually shy with the link opportunities, this is gold. Organic reach isn’t impossible on this platform but it will be a harder mountain to climb in the year ahead. If you want to stay ahead of trends, learning how to optimize your marketing with paid advertising is the best route. At the very least, get comfortable with that camera! Short and sweet is all you need to stand out in a social media feed.

Reaching Your Prime Audience

It’s more important than ever to be familiar with your analytics on any channel. Your content needs to be personalized for your prime demographic, and to understand how to engage with them you need to know who they are. Factors like the best time to post, message engagement, and tone are all important. Even if you’re not typically a “numbers” brand — this is the time to familiarize yourself with the engagement data for your social media presence. It could mean a world of difference.

Influencers Are Still a Big Deal

Influencers are important, but they must be utilized correctly or don’t bother. According to Twitter, 40% of its users claim higher engagement due to influencers. You don’t have to go top of the line either. Even “micro-influencers” (influencers with only 1000+ followers) can help move the needle of your business’ visibility while allowing you to reserve some of your budget for other marketing efforts.

Facebook: Pay-To-Play

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook has (yet again) changed its algorithm for its user newsfeed. The only option available for free content is the Explore Feed, leaving main newsfeeds free for only friend posts or sponsored posts. Basically, if you’re not paying you’re pushed to the side. This means Facebook is now operating like any pay-to-play channel— yes, like TV or radio. The good news? Facebook has some of the most precise ad targeting tools available. While it will cost you to rise above the noise, any ad buys and even boosted posts are sure to be worth the budget.

If you really want to up your presence in any or all of these channels, having professional help (like LDM) can really make a difference. We’d love to lead your efforts and get your brand noticed.