LDM Wins 59th Annual GDUSA Design Awards!

At LDM, we truly believe when your work is your passion, it won’t go unnoticed. Throughout the years we’ve been recognized on a national scale, and we’ve just added 5 more awards to our list. LDM is among the top winners in the GDUSA 2022 National Design Competition with 5 projects awarded!

Our winning projects are:

  • Adopt A Charger Email Campaign
  • Angel City Press Harlow in Hollywood Book
  • Bekina Boots Social Media Design
  • Children’s Institute Inc. Social Media
  • Doheny Eye Institute Donor Appreciation Event Invitation Suite
  • Montelongo & Parsons Website Design

We’re so grateful for the work that we do, and for the wonderful clients we have. Thank you for trusting our team at LDM to work alongside you.

View our award-winning work here!