Welcome to LDM’s first haunted house! Gather ’round, though be warned this treck is not for the faint of heart: ahead of you lies a spine-chilling voyage through the spookiest email marketing mistakes. Beware, there will be horrors at every turn!

Follow along for the three ghouls of email marketing:

1. Not Optimizing For Mobile Devices

Our first jumpscare! It looks like the ghost of an email that was moved to the trash bin. Let this be a warning: emails that are not optimized for mobile devices will surely be thrown away. According to Statista, 85% of people said they used their mobile devices to check their emails in 2023. There are certain techniques you can use to make sure your emails will look the same on smartphones as they do on desktops. Having responsive emails across devices will make your email campaigns more successful. Now let’s move on, I think this ghost is following us!

2. Spam Words

Here lies a graveyard of unread emails that got automatically moved to the spam folder. Take note of their subject lines; they all include words like “help”, “urgent”, and “cancel anytime”. Even if these emails were perfectly well-intentioned, email filters are skilled at picking through all the emails we receive in a given day. Avoid spam words to set your emails up for success. Now follow us, this graveyard is far too terrifying!

3. No Call-To-Action

Do you hear those scratching noises at the door? Those are the desperate scratches of emails that were sent out with no Call-To-Action (CTA). If you listen closely, you can almost hear the intent behind the email. An invitation to sign up for future emails, a link to a website, anything? Alas, with no clear CTA, the receiver was left with no choice but to disregard the email and forget its existence. Be sure not to make this same mistake. Providing clear next steps for your audience will encourage them to keep in touch with you.

We’ve made it through the horrors of email marketing mistakes! Our hearts are still pounding from the treacherous journey. We hope you have enjoyed LDM’s haunted house of email marketing horrors.

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