Print is NOT Dead

by Allie Cormier

Despite what you may have heard, Print is not dead. There’s an entire sector of the population that doesn’t have email alerts trilling in at all hours of the night and yes — we realize the irony of this coming to you through the digital space.

Print lives on. While we like getting emails, receiving evites, interacting with ebooks, and digitally cruising through ecatalogs, being able to actually hold an invitation in one’s fingers evokes something special. The subtle weight of the paper hovering gently on your fingertips as you leaf through a beautifully designed book or magazine; that experience might actually help lift the weight of the day off your shoulders.

Getting mail the good ol’ fashioned way through your neighborhood mail carrier takes many people back to a simpler time. You hang that thoughtfully designed invitation or postcard on your refrigerator, and it’s there to stay, reminding you of all the details. After the event it may even end up covered by photos taken at the event, ensuring that every time you walk by the ‘fridge, you smile and remember how much fun you had.It’s those kinds of “touch memories” that make our print design efforts at Lentini Design & Marketing very satisfying. It’s knowing that while we may not get to don our black tie best and attend that gala with you, we were able to have a small part in your enjoyment when you first opened the envelope and smiled, looking at the invitation and imagining the happy memories that were sure to come.

From a business-oriented side of things, there are certain benefits to Print. You may find that a printed piece is a bit more spendy than a digital version, but think of why. Print holds weight. It sets you apart as someone who is elevating your brand with polish and style.

So with that mind, think of how Print can help you. No ideas? No worries, we know people! :  )

Allie Cormier
allie-cormier-headshotAllie received her BA in Communication from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School in 2007. While at USC, Allie explored various art forms before finding her passion in design, illustration and social media. She focuses on graphic design, copy, and social media marketing and branding.