It’s important to keep the following in mind to properly develop a website:


Make it Responsive

Most of us visit websites on our phones or tablets; this is why it’s important that your website has a Responsive design across all devices and screen sizes. The content dynamically reflows and refits itself to fit the screen size of your visitor’s device.


Use Your Brand's Unique Voice

Your brand’s voice should be an honest representation your brand. Know your brand at its core, your goals, and your audience.


Make it Secure

There’s no point in doing all the work to create a beautiful website if it can be hacked or compromised.


Address Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by properly utilizing SEO.


Keep Your Website Maintained

Run platform and plugin updates regularly to ensure the best possible user experience.


Update with Fresh Content

Keep your users engaged and up-to-date! Showcase all you have to offer with new content, ideas, projects, and products.

Tackling this on your own may be too much for your in-house team, so bringing in an agency (like LDM!) to do the heavy lifting is ideal.