Branding 2017: Digital & Traditional is Key

Imagine you’re cruising in your new car, enjoying all of the new bells and whistles and modern conveniences, feeling like you own the road…until you spot for the first time, the all-new, upgraded, redesigned model of your [now older] car on the road. It’s the makings of becoming ordinary, the new smell has worn off and now it’s just you, in a regular car.

If you oversee branding or marketing on any level, the Q1 wrap up can feel just this way. You’re reviewing marketing milestones and memorializing campaigns, hoping you don’t spot the newer, upgraded, redesigned model of your marketing vehicle along the way. For traditional as well as digital campaigns, now is the time to examine branding bright spots and blind spots to keep your model brand new.
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Print is NOT Dead

by Allie Cormier

Despite what you may have heard, Print is not dead. There’s an entire sector of the population that doesn’t have email alerts trilling in at all hours of the night and yes — we realize the irony of this coming to you through the digital space.

Print lives on. While we like getting emails, receiving evites, interacting with ebooks, and digitally cruising through ecatalogs, being able to actually hold an invitation in one’s fingers evokes something special. The subtle weight of the paper hovering gently on your fingertips as you leaf through a beautifully designed book or magazine; that experience might actually help lift the weight of the day off your shoulders.

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Happy New Year!

We hope that your 2017 is full of happiness, good health, and prosperity.

As we at LDM usher in 2017, we are pleased to announce 10 more national design awards from the esteemed GDUSA Magazine (Graphic Design USA).

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LDM Founder Hilary Lentini tapped as panelist for National Association of Women Business Owners

Hilary Lentini IMG_9825-edited_cropped_smallHilary Lentini, Principal and Creative Director of Lentini Design & Marketing, Inc. was selected as an expert panelist for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) “Best Practices for Corporate and Economic Development” webinar held on Thursday, November 17, 2016.


What Warrants A Website Refresh

by Allie Cormier

Refreshing your website is not as intimidating as it sounds, and it’s definitely not as complex as the initial launch. But it’s also very important because technology is constantly updating, upgrading, and working behind the scenes to not only be au courant, but to be ahead of the time and trends.

Your computer is also continually working to be au currant. Those annoying updates that pop up on your screen (“updates not installed,” “update your software now,” “install update today”) are an example of that. And that’s just your software! Your hardware is constantly improving too. That’s why there’s always a new iPhone release on the horizon, for instance. Updates can happen weekly, and for those of you with a smartphone, you know how often those apps need to be updated for “minor bug fixes.”

The way websites were once designed has also changed. Things that made a site look cutting-edge five years ago (like Flash technology), are now obsolete and in some cases detrimental. Our research shows people love to use their phones, tablets, or phablets to check out a website and scope things out. The answer we need is only a Google search away and we’re much more likely to use our mobile device in the moment, instead of waiting until we’re in front of our desktop or laptop. Read More

It’s One Small Step for Marketing…

by Allie Cormier

It’s morning. You have your coffee within arm’s reach as your screen glows to life. Hello inbox, we meet again. Your eyes quickly scan the latest contents of your inbox searching for urgent needs from your clients, vendors awaiting your confirmations, and other early morning fire drills. In the midst of those emails you see maybe some forwards from colleagues, a few calendar invites, and of course — a few miscellaneous eblasts. Exciting semi-annual sale here, inspirational non-profit newsletter there, cooking/tech/insert-your-preference/professional development blog update message, too. Admittedly, your email inbox might feel a little full. Of course you could always opt-out from some of these emails, but then you might MISS something GOOD!

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Can You Visual-EYES It?

by Allie Cormier

Picture It: You walk into a room and your once bad mood dissipates before your eyes. You find yourself feeling the exhaustion of the day that had weighed you down is suddenly gone and relaxation settles into its place. So what happened? Well, you could be having an off day, or perhaps you just needed a moment to put on your rose-colored glasses and take in your surroundings.

As graphic designers, we’re trained to look at logos, cards, and websites and identify the visual message inherent in the design. A neon business card? They’re trying hard to make their card stand out when pulled out of a stack after a successful night of networking. But is it saying the right thing? Is the neon less memorable and more of a visual assault?

A rose-colored website might evoke a warm outlook for a site visitor/potential client. Many of the emotions a potential client feels toward a website or from a printed marketing brochure may actually be driven by the colors that one is seeing and associating with them. But did you know there is solid science behind all this? Read More

When you’re calling, is anyone answering?

by Allie Cormier

By now, we all know that in order to stay competitive in this ever-evolving world, a business or non-profit must remain current. Established companies with long histories have entire teams devoted to researching the latest trends and keeping a finger on the pulse of marketing strategy. Your brand is your calling card; it’s the first thing someone sees when visiting your website, and it’s also very literally the calling card you leave behind after a meeting. The question is, when you’re calling, is anyone answering? If not, it may be time to consider a rebranding or a refreshing of your current brand. Read More

Unveiling two new websites we’ve created for clients

At Lentini Design & Marketing, we enjoy the opportunity to help our clients achieve their goals, especially when it involves elevating their online presence.

We recently had the opportunity to launch two websites (one is a redesign, the other is created afresh) and are pleased to share with you the unveilings.

We hope you take a moment to visit these websites and find out what LDM can do with you! Read More

LDM  to Rebrand Public School District

Lentini Design & Marketing, Inc. is proud to be tapped to rebrand Anaheim Elementary School District. See link at the bottom of this post to read the news article.

LDM founder Hilary Lentini shared that  “We are pleased to be working with the Anaheim Elementary School District (AESD; formerly the Anaheim City School District [ACSD]) on this project. Read More